Who are we?

Heat Transfer: the best fit in heat exchangers

Heat Transfer New Zealand Ltd specialises in the supply of compact heat exchangers for industry and light commercial businesses. 

The products are most suitable for heat exchange duties involving two liquids or a condensing / evaporating gas and liquid.

Our stock includes brazed plate heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers, a range of corrugated tubular heat exchangers (including polytube (shell and tube with corrugated tubes), double tube exchangers, and specialised units (mixchanger and regenerator).

Applications can be used in a range of settings including farm dairy / milk cooling and chilling systems, condensers and evaporators for refrigeration systems, the production of hot water for industry, swimming and spa pool heating, pumps using hot water or ground water, underfloor heating, marine applications and in wineries and breweries. 

We offer free quotes, and a free design and selection service for units from our range. We also offer technical advice where relevant to help our customers problem solve.

Core Values

  •  Honesty, expertise and knowledge

  •  Flexibility of product choice and tailor made solutions

  •  High quality products that are value for money

  •  Exceeding customer expectations

  •  Being the best in service, quality and dependability

  • Efficiency


 Denis Browne

Nationwide RepresentativeHeat Transfer 16
MSc (Chem Eng)

Denis has 30 years of experience selling to industrial markets. He spent a number of years specialising in thermal design for dairy and food applications before branching out into general industrial applications.

From 1989 – 2003 Denis worked overseas in general management positions in Alfa Laval before returning to New Zealand. In this time he gained valuable experience in the heat transfer market and insight into solutions within different markets in Australia, Sweden and South Africa, with business ventures around the globe added to this.

Since his return to New Zealand in 2003, Denis has focused on bringing his expertise and knowledge to Heat Transfer Ltd, with a large range of products which can cater for the local market. He’s always happy to give you a quote or advice on product selection.

Stock and Support

At Heat Transfer, we stock and offer maintenance support on a number of products that provide a compact solution for your heat transfer needs.

With over 30 years’ involvement in the heat transfer industry, we know how to find the optimum heat transfer solution for your needs. We have a large range of stock incorporating several different providers.

Because we’re not tied to a specific brand, provider or location, we can tailor-make solutions for you. Our flexibility means there is always more than one way to get a great result for your business.

Our aim is to achieve results which consistently exceed your expectations. We want to be your first port of call when you need a heat transfer solution – because when you come to us you know that we will be able to tailor-make something for you. And if we cannot satisfy your needs from within our range, we’ll suggest alternative solutions.

Clean Green Machines

HTNZ runs a clean green company. Wherever possible we recycle materials. For example, you may notice your orders sometimes come in recycled boxes and packing materials. So that wine box may hold new gaskets, not Pinot Noir.


We’re also looking at ways to recycle our scrap metal and anything that can’t be used.

We choose our heat exchangers to be easy on the environment. They will all meet the most demanding requirements – they’re fast, efficient, and built to last. With less waste and better output, we hope they are able to reduce the impact on the planet.

Product Profile

Our heat transfer solutions include new heat exchangers, support of the brands we supply and spare parts for miscellaneous other brands.

Heat Transfer New Zealand supplies a full range of heat transfer products, including plate heat exchangers, brazed heat exchangers, corrugated tubular heat exchangers, and plate and shell heat exchangers. We are also able to supply generic gaskets and plates for many common brands. We will offer service advice where we can to help our customers look after their installed units.

Among the recognised brands of heat exchangers that we support (whether brazed heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, or corrugated tubular heat exchangers) are Kaori, Sondex, DHP, De Laval, Tranter.

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  Principal Areas of Operation

  • Refrigeration

  • Building services (HVAC)

  • Geothermal

  • Marine

  • Industrial

  • Liquid food processing

  • Wineries / breweries