Brazed plate heat exchangers


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Our brazed plate heat exchangers are extremely compact units ideal for use as evaporators, condensers and desuperheaters in refrigeration systems. Our brazed heat exchangers are also ideal for clean water/water duties.

Heat Transfer (HTNZ) represents Kaori, an accredited manufacturer of brazed plate heat exchangers based in Taiwan. Kaori is one of the world’s leading brazed heat exchanger manufacturers, who strive to provide high performance, good quality, reliable, cost-effective solutions.

These units are specialised for a number of different duties, which means we are able to provide a solution customised to your needs.

Our large range

A full range of products are available for applications in the refrigeration, HVAC and industrial markets.

K series is the series with the most complete range in sizes and widely used in heating and cooling applications.

Our large range of brazed plate heat exchangers includes various sizes in each of these model types: K030, K050,  K070,  K095, K200, K205 and more. (Note:K***S: 45bar, K215: Dual Circuit- 6 connections)

Within this range, we have suitable models for water / water duties and refrigeration duties.

Industry Applications

HVAC, Heat Pump, Chiller, Refrigeration Storage System, Processing Cooling, Waste Heat Recovery, Injection Molding Machine, Pasteuriser, Boiler, Wind Power-Gear Box, Hydraulic System, Laser Cutting/Welding Machine, Semiconductor Cooling.

Well stocked

Stocks are maintained in our Auckland premises for a quick response time, especially for those sizes in regular demand. Models that are not in stock still have reasonable turnaround times, which we will tell you on ordering.

Please contact us for an expert opinion on what would suit you best.