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Who are we?

Denis Browne MSc (Chem Eng)

Nationwide Representative Denis has 30 years of experience selling to industrial markets. He spent a number of years specialising in thermal design for dairy and food applications before branching out into general industrial applications.

Denis leads a close-knit team to find the best heat exchangers for your needs.
With 14 years of experience managing engineering firms overseas, Denis gained valuable experience in the heat transfer market and a lot of insight into solutions within different markets. For the best fit in heat exchangers, whether you want brazed heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, tubular or platular,  just give us a call or email!





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We are very happy to quote to domestic customers for anything involving heat transfer on a liquid-to-liquid basis. We can help anyone, whether it’s for swimming pool heating, underfloor heating – or if you’re in Rotorua / Taupo and want to heat through a radiator using a geothermal bore. We also work within the dairy industry, and our products are used in meatworks, wineries and breweries. However, we do not sell equipment that transfers heat between rooms in a house.


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