Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Known for their efficiency, brazed plate heat exchangers are useful for both residential and commercial heating applications. These high-performance and thermally efficient heat exchangers have many benefits, which include making cost savings in space, energy, installation and maintenance. The life-cycle cost over 15-20 years can be up to half that of a corresponding gasketed solution.

Kaori’s brazed plate heat exchangers are made by pressing a series of thin corrugated stainless steel plates together and brazed with copper or nickel. The soldering material is then melted in a vacuum furnace to form a seal between each of the plates. This brazing process seals the plates together making the heat exchangers extremely durable and allows for Kaori BPHEs to perform under high working pressure and temperatures.

Heat exchange occurs through brazed plates over a large surface area making Kaori BPHEs very efficient.  With no need for gaskets, nearly all of the material (about 95%) is used for heat transfer making it also very compact and cost-effective. This means stable thermal and hydraulic performance, with minimal maintenance and operational downtime.

Also, because brazed plate heat exchangers do not use gaskets, they often do not need maintenance. Because flows are often turbulent, this reduces fouling, and improves performance.

The plate patterns used also help increase performance. Special consideration is given in designing the width of the chevron angles and height of curvature of the individual plates. 

A standard BPHE flow pattern is a single-pass arrangement; meaning working fluid flows in a single direction through the unit. A multi-pass arrangement is where working fluid can change its flow path and is sometimes used for low flow rates or extremely close temperature approaches.  Other times, multi-pass arrangements are used to provide flexible design configurations in certain applications.

Our large range

 Our brazed plate heat exchangers are extremely compact units ideal for use as evaporators, condensers and desuperheaters in refrigeration systems. Our brazed heat exchangers are also ideal for clean water/water duties.

Heat Transfer (HTNZ) represents Kaori, an accredited manufacturer of brazed plate heat exchangers based in Taiwan. Kaori is one of the world’s leading brazed heat exchanger manufacturers, who strive to provide high performance, good quality, reliable, cost-effective solutions.

These units are specialised for a number of different duties, which means we are able to provide a solution customised to your needs. A full range of products are available for applications in the refrigeration, HVAC and industrial markets.

K series is the series with the most complete range in sizes and widely used in heating and cooling applications.

Our large range of brazed plate heat exchangers includes various sizes in each of these model types: K030, K050,  K070,  K095, K200, K205 and more. (Note:K***S: 45bar, K215: Dual Circuit- 6 connections)

Within this range, we have suitable models for water / water duties and refrigeration duties.


Industry Applications

HVAC, chiller, refrigeration storage system, processing cooling, waste heat recovery, injection molding machine, pasteuriser, boiler, wind power-gear box, hydraulic system, laser cutting / welding machine, semiconductor cooling.


Well stocked

We stock a range of machines, especially those sizes regularly in demand, which we are able to despatch quickly from our Cambridge premises. We endeavour to deliver to you in the shortest amount of time feasible – sometimes within a day – and we’re often quicker than other sources as a lot of our stock is on the shelf.

Models that are not in stock still have reasonable turnaround times, which we will tell you on ordering. Ask us about delivery times when you order as this does vary model to model.

We have sourced what we think is the best quality stock, and we stay connected with other options in the market to offer the best possible solution for our customers. If you have a particular need that is not stocked, we may be able to source it for you.


Brazed plate heat exchangers, plate or tubular?

Brazed plate heat exchangers are ideal for evaporators, condensers and desuperheaters in refrigeration systems. If you’re interested in a heat exchanger for a swimming pool, liquid / liquid, steam / liquid, our plate heat exchangers may be better.

Or if you’re interested in viscous liquid heating and cooling, please refer to either plate or our corrugated tubular heat exchangers section.  

Please contact us for an expert opinion on what would suit you best.