Cooling Tower Products

Want a credible alternative supplier of cooling towers? Heat Transfer is able to provide a wide range of cooling tower solutions throughout New Zealand.

Cooling Tower

Our supply

Heat Transfer has joined with Complete Heat Transfer Solutions of Australia to provide great quality cooling towers for our customers.
We can offer efficient designs for the supply of open-circuit induced draft cooling towers for capacities ranging from 200 kW to 4500 kW.
We generally supply the towers in completely knocked down (CKD) form for building and assembly by others.
We supply low-noise fan options. We can supply film fill and specialised non-clogging splash fill. We exclusively use Brentwood products.
We can supply spare parts to suit Aqua Cool, BAC, Temcel, Marley and Evapco cooling towers.

NZS3666 / AS3666

Our products are designed specifically with compliance to New Zealand and Australian standards in mind.

MST series of towers

The Modular Square type (MST) have been developed for Industrial and Commercial use.
The general specification is as follows:

  • Counter-flow design, which provides optimum performance and efficiency in a minimum plan area.
  • All panels are manufactured using Isophalic polyester resin. This has a proven track record in the Australian industry over 25 years. The panels have a smooth gel coat on the inside and a UV protective flow coat on the outside.
  • All metal components including fasteners in the wetted area are AISI 304 stainless steel
  • The motors are IP56 rated high-efficiency MAX E3 and the standard direct drive is TEAO.
  • Various fill types / media are available from standard film fill to specialized, non-clogging splash fill for industrial and dirt water applications.
  • The inlet louvres are sinusoidal in profile to prohibit sunlight penetration and splash.
  • The MST towers have been designed with easy site assembly in mind.
  • Pricing is highly competitive and delivery times are typical for this industry. As always, we aim for clear communication and will endeavour to supply towers as soon as possible.