Cooling Towers

Want a credible alternative supplier of cooling towers?

Heat Transfer is able to provide a wide range of cooling tower solutions throughout New Zealand.

Our supply

Heat Transfer has access to three suppliers of cooling towers.

Changzhou Hanf Cooling Equipment Co. Ltd

( offers a wide range of counter-flow and cross-flow towers constructed in pultruded fibreglass. This company has been operating since 2003 and has formal CTI certification.

Wuxi Keju Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd

( has a range of open circuit and closed circuit cooling towers, plus evaporative condensers.

Hunan Yuanheng Technology Development Co. Ltd

( has a range of cross-flow towers that all have CTI certification. This company has been operating since 2005.

Please note, we are unfortunately unable to offer forced draft towers at this time.
Between these suppliers of cooling towers we can offer a complete range of:

  • Open circuit induced draft towers; both counter-flow and cross-flow
  • Closed circuit cooling towers
  • Evaporative condensers

Pricing is highly competitive and delivery times generally acceptable to the marketplace.

Cooling Tower Institute Certification

Our products come from high-quality suppliers based in China, with two having formal Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) certification for their towers. CTI certification provides all users of the cooling tower (including building owners, designers and installers) assurance of thermal performance and a guarantee that the cooling tower will perform as required

CTI certification ensures that the cooling tower will operate safely and efficiently. Having a cooling tower operating at its optimal level will ensure that energy consumption is not increased, which will keep operating costs lower.