Do you stock different ranges of gaskets?
Yes, we either stock or have access to a wide range of gaskets including Alfa Laval, APV, Tranter, Schmidt, and other types on request.
Do you stock different plate types?
Yes, we either stock or can source plates for a wide range of brands including Sondex, DHP, Alfa Laval, Tranter, and will do our best to source what you need.
Do you sell farm cooler plates?
Yes, we sell reconditioned farm cooler plates for P30 heat exchangers with clip on gaskets. We also sell De Laval / Alfa Laval M6 industrial cooler plates. Other types e.g. Tranter GC16 will be sourced on request.
What farm cooler gaskets do you have?
We stock a wide range. These include P30 clip on, De Laval / Alfa Laval M6, Schmidt X19, and Tranter GCD16 gaskets. Other types are readily sourced.
Do you service farm coolers?
We offer an exchange system where you can send in dirty P30 plates and receive in exchange a set of re-conditioned plates fitted with unique P30 clip on gaskets. We will quote on reconditioning farm coolers that can be delivered to our Auckland premises.
Do you sell or service heat pumps?
No, not exactly. Our brazed heat exchangers can be used as evaporators and condensers in heat pump systems.
Do you sell heat exchangers for marine engines?
Our brazed heat exchangers are ideal for engine oil cooling if the cooling water is fresh. We don’t have small units available for direct cooling with salt water. However, we can supply conventional plate heat exchangers with titanium plates for larger vessels.
Could you give us information on warranties or clauses?
Products: All products (new equipment and spare parts) supplied by Heat Transfer New Zealand are warranted against manufacturing defects for 12 months from date of delivery. Fair wear and tear is excepted. Defective product will be replaced by a similar product at the discretion of Heat Transfer New Zealand. Thermal performance: Heat exchangers supplied against a thermal specification are warranted to perform to the stated specification. If it is clearly established by testing that the heat exchanger cannot perform the stated duty, Heat Transfer New Zealand will provide the additional heat transfer area (additional plates or alternative unit) required to bring it up to the correct performance. Installation of the additional product is not included. Consequential losses: In no circumstance will Heat Transfer New Zealand be held liable for consequential losses of any type in relation to supply of heat exchange products.
Do you deliver all around New Zealand?
Yes, we’ll deliver anywhere in New Zealand. And our freight and courier charges are not too expensive! We endeavour to keep turnaround on all our deliveries to a minimum. For small brazed units that are stored on site, we can deliver in 1-3 working days. Large heat exchangers may take two weeks (or 10 working days)* – but we’ll be as fast if not faster than our competitors. *If your order of a heat exchanger requires more time, you will be alerted that delivery times could be slower before you order.