Other Applications

Useful applications

Our products can be used within the following systems:

  • farm dairy / milk cooling and chilling systems
  • production of hot water within industry
  • condensers and evaporators for refrigeration systems
  • pumps using hot water / ground water
  • swimming and spa pool heating
  • underfloor heating
  • some marine cooling applications
  • wineries / breweries

Marine applications

We can offer a range of Bowman heat exchangers for marine applications, especially sea water cooling of marine petrol and diesel engines. These heat exchangers are not stocked items though – and so need to be indented, but deliveries can often be only 1-2 weeks.


We are able to supply heat exchangers for wineries.

Applications include:

  • temperature control for filling
  • tank temperature control for fermentation
  • must cooling
  • other cooling and heating duties
  • evaporators in chilling systems

Options for new heat exchange equipment supply include plate heat exchangers for temperature control of vats or at bottling, corrugated tubular heat exchangers for must cooling or temperature control at bottling.

Furthermore, we can supply two-section units for cold stabilisation with heat recovery from stabilised wine.

We are also able to assist with competitively priced spares for common brands in operation.

We offer Sondex plate heat exchangers and Hipex corrugated tubular. For some units in the chilling area of a winery, brazed heat exchangers from Kaori may be more suitable.


We also have an optimal range for breweries.  Again, Sondex plate heat exchangers and Hipex corrugated tubular machines are best.

Efficient machines are necessary to brewing and fermentation processes. Efficient heat exchangers will also keep you ‘green’ as your power output will be lower.

We’re able to source specialised equipment that will provide the very best in beer processing, ultimately boosting yields, maintaining product quality while using less water, energy and other resources. A win for the environment and a win for your business.

Unique ‘cube’ or ‘square’ heat exchangers from DDI (Canada)

A specialised non-fouling solution for heating and cooling municipal and industrial sludge streams, and other fibrous containing liquids. Typical applications are in pulp and paper, and sludge processing (municipal or industrial).