Plate Heat Exchangers

A plate heat exchanger is a compact solution for liquid / liquid, steam / liquid and viscous liquid heating and cooling.

A plate heat exchanger uses metal plates to transfer heat between two fluids. The surface area can be changed by adding or subtracting plates, which helps transfer energy / heat, and can efficiently transfer heat.

Our plate heat exchangers use a heavy frame, coated with material which does not rust, and gaskets and plates. Because the heat exchanger is able to be taken apart, any of these parts can be replaced, repaired or cleaned. We are able to remove your plates and gaskets for cleaning, or if they are damaged or need replacing. We also stock a number of different brands and models.

We have a range of plates varying in size from 0.038m2 to 1.36 m2, which are available in all pressable materials, with connections to suit plant pipe work. Connection sizes range from 25 – 300mm.

A wide range

We stock from two regular suppliers, Sondex and DHP. Both companies operate with factories that are ISO 9001 accredited and ASME V111 Div 1 “U” and CE stamp certified.

Within these ranges we can provide a number of models that will suit all duties of plate heat exchanger, from two excellent companies: Sondex and DHP.

S1, S4, S7, S8, S14, S16, S20

DX1, DX3, DX17, DX22, DX143, DX146, DX148

Please note: this is not an exhaustive list; different models may be available.


AHTT plate heat exchangers

Heat Transfer New Zealand has also been appointed the New Zealand agent for AHTT Pty Ltd. So if you have heat exchangers with model designations AH07, AH14 or AH20 we can help with technical advice or spare parts – both plates and gaskets. These are stocked in Auckland and generally are available on an overnight courier basis.

Our supplies

Models usually take around 10 working days before they are ready for despatch, but it depends on the model and duty needed. Feel free to enquire about despatch times before you order.

We also have a range of stock on premises, so if you need spares we may be able to help at short notice. We have sourced the best quality stock from around the world, and have spares of some less common models, so please ask if you require unusual plates or gaskets. For some of these we are the only contact in New Zealand!

We have installed or provided plate heat exchangers of all these models around New Zealand. We are happy to talk with you about your plate heat exchanger needs. Just contact us below.

Brazed plate heat exchangers, plate or tubular?

Plate heat exchangers have a range of uses, including in dairy, breweries and wineries. If you’re interested in a heat exchanger for a swimming pool, liquid / liquid, steam / liquid, our plate heat exchangers may be what you’re after.

If you’re interested in viscous liquid heating and cooling, please refer to either plate or our corrugated tubular heat exchangers section.

If you’re after evaporators, condensers and desuperheaters in refrigeration systems, try our brazed plate heat exchangers.