Generic plates and gaskets


We can source a wide range of plates (over 50 types) and gaskets (over 300 types) for named brands of heat exchangers (including Tranter and generic parts to suit Alfa Laval PHEs, in addition to our supported brands Kaori, Sondex and DHP). These spares are perfect for applications including farm cooling, service duties on dairy, processing sites and meatworks, wineries and breweries, HVAC, geothermal, swimming pools and a range of other industrial and domestic uses. There are a wide number of applications where heat exchangers can improve efficiency.

For common models we carry significant stocks and can generally supply off the shelf. HTNZ maintains full spare parts and service support for the original products it sells.

We can make up plate packs for you for a specific duty or heat exchanger for any of the above brands (but not limited to them – please ask if you are unsure).


In stock or readily available:


Full range of Sondex plates and gaskets
We include built up units or spare plates and gaskets:
S1, S4, S7, S8, S14, S16, S20

DHP plates and gaskets
DX1, DX3, DX17, DX22, DX143, DX146, DX148

Alfa Laval types
P01/ M3, M6M, M6B, M10M, M10B, M15M
P22, P30, TS6M

A range of GC-16 plates and gaskets, including a service for reconditioned plates.
GXD026 gaskets

X19 gaskets and X19 end plate gaskets.

APV types
SR2 gaskets (EPDM / NBR)

We will endeavour to supply your needs and stock may vary depending on customer requirements.
Most stock is in our warehouse, but some in this list may not be stocked on shelf

This list is not exhaustive so please contact us with your requirements.