What we offer

Heat Transfer: the best fit in heat exchangers

Brazed heat exchangers ~ Plate heat exchangers ~ Corrugated tubular heat exchangers ~ Comprehensive support of branded spare parts (gaskets and plates) ~ Cooling towers

Heat Transfer New Zealand has a broad portfolio of products, and can select the optimum type for a given application. This means that you don’t need to be stuck with a particular brand or product, but you’re free to choose whatever best suits
your needs. We’re proud of this flexibility and of our ability to find products that best suit your needs.

Our suppliers

We’re able to be flexible because of an extensive network of suppliers in Asia, Europe and the Americas. When you call us with your requirements, we’ll begin the search to meet your needs. We have a large range of stock on the shelf so chances are we may already have what you need.

We meet customer demands through direct selling. This means we are available at short notice to respond to your needs.

And our prices are very reasonable – among the best you will find!

If you are unsure of your requirements, email us at info@heatnz.co.nz or fill out the enquiries form and we will provide you with as much assistance as possible.